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Haima stainless steel blind rivet

Haima stainless steel blind rivet

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In the past, I heard customers say that the bolts they purchased from other bolt factories were not as bright and clean as the bolts produced by other enterprises, and that "both colors and flavors" are good. What tips do you have. Naturally, it's not easy for you to say "eat dove, enjoy the silkiness". After all, we are a reliable bolt manufacturer. We always analyze your doubts from the perspective of technical specialty. To make the bolts smooth, we have to start from the following aspects:

1. Make sure that the adjustment is correct and the bolts punched out of the cold heading machine meet the product quality standards and the engineering drawings.

2. Proper degreasing. Bolts with different materials, specifications and models must have different degreasing methods. Proper degreasing can ensure that the surface of bolts cleaned by copper and iron rivets is smooth and beautiful.

3. It is a top priority. If you want to go to the reliable electroplating process city or electroplating manufacturers to carry out the relative metal surface treatment for the bolts that must be solved, it is not allowed to go to some small processing plants with unqualified qualification certificate to carry out electroplating process for the sake of small and cheap. It is not only the product quality can not be guaranteed, but also the appearance of the plated bolt will be greatly affected, which is also stainless steel The important reason why the bolts of closed rivets should be smooth and beautiful than the bolts produced by other manufacturers.




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