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Stainless steel seahorse rivet

Stainless steel seahorse rivet

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According to the big data statistics of the backstage management and the communication records with customers, we found that among the bolts of all materials, the sales volume of metal materials is good. There are a lot of orders and foreign trade inquiries about stainless steel rivets every day. Why do stainless steel rivets make customers like aluminum bolts, copper bolts and iron bolts? According to the report of the meeting, we got the following aspects:

1. The bearing capacity of stainless steel rivets is good, so stainless steel rivets can be used in all fields. In comparison, all aluminum rivets are only suitable for metallurgical industry because of their limited bearing capacity.

2. Stainless steel rivets are low-cost. On the one hand, copper bolts are compared, and stainless steel rivets can be "affordable" in various fields of foundation.

3. The stainless steel plate is easy to use. Generally, it is only necessary to degrease, polish and polish it. There is no need for special metal surface treatment. Color blind rivets require stainless steel rivets to be more "elegant".

4. The stainless steel rivet has good corrosion resistance and can withstand severe salt spray test, which ensures that its service life is longer and its cost performance is higher.




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