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Master the purpose of stainless steel rivet to solve the surface problem of Lantern rivet

2020-09-01 H:20:56

The surface treatment of stainless steel rivets is based on industrial equipment and analytical chemistry. The purpose of surface treatment is to give the expected effect of unique and anti-corrosion on the surface of products, which can create a layer of steel protection layer for body maintenance on the surface of products. According to the soil stratification on the surface of standard parts such as anchor bolts, the surface treatment methods of all aluminum rivets are generally summarized as the following two methods:

1. Electroplating process: immerse the stainless steel rivet preformed components receiving electroplating process in the aqueous solution containing the metal compounds to be deposited, and the metal composite materials of the electroplating process are melted and stacked on the prefabricated components according to the total electric flow. Common electroplating processes include hot dip galvanizing, copper, nickel, chromium, copper nickel alloy, etc., and sometimes black boiling (bluing), acid pickling and phosphating are also included in this process.

2. Hot dip galvanizing: it is carried out according to the plating drying tank which infiltrates the alloy steel prefabricated components into the molten zinc with a temperature of about 510 ℃. As a result, the iron zinc alloy products on the surface layer of aluminum die castings gradually become stainless steel passivated zinc on the surface of the products. The whole process of hot dipping PET film is similar.

In electroplating process, the coated metal composite materials are not uniformly accumulated on the jugular vein edge, and a slightly thicker coating is obtained at the corner of the iron rivet. On the part of the external thread of the standard part, the thicker coating is located on the top of the external thread, which becomes loose along the side of the external thread and accumulates thin at the bottom of the tooth. On the contrary, the slightly thicker coating accumulates on the inner corner and the bottom of the external thread. The coating metal composite material deposited on industrial equipment tends to be the same as that of hot-dip coating, but it is smooth and thick on all surface layers It's much more uniform.




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