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The technique of removing stain with core pulling rivet

2020-09-01 H:42:51

Anchor bolt is a common tool for riveting, and the core pulling rivet is one of them. All stainless steel rivets are used as far as possible with the service facilities of special riveting gun. Because the general anchor bolts are riveted from both sides as far as possible, and the core pulling rivets can be riveted with a special riveting gun. Therefore, they are widely used and will not change. e. Anchor bolts such areas as cars, ships and buildings.

Blind rivet is a common part, semi stainless steel rivet, so many manufacturers must constantly grasp the proper use of blind rivet. In fact, many manufacturers do not understand the use of blind rivet, which may lead to the consumption of blind rivet, so it is very important. Training and reading the information of articles.

Some small parts are often used in industrial production, but due to various reasons in practical operation, dirt appears on these small parts. It's the same with rivets. Rivets to remove dirt, but how should we deal with this kind of situation?

First of all, it can apply soluble emulsion cleaning solution, which can dissolve the stains on the surface of parts. In addition, all stainless steel countersunk head rivets produce a layer of antirust film on the surface of bolts, which has maintenance effect on bolts. Secondly, organic chemical metal cutting fluid can be used to remove organic chemical stains on the surface. It is used to clean up the surface layer with medium difficulty coefficient, and the effect is remarkable. For example, quenching oil or heat treatment polymer aqueous solution, the actual effect is very significant. PH is a common detergent, neutralization of acid and alkali makes its actual effect remarkable. Alkali is a kind of common detergent with high quality and low price. It is a widely used detergent and is usually prepared in advance at home. Naturally, there are a lot of cleaning fluids that can clean bolts, which must be deeply analyzed the source and cause of the stain, and then select the relative cleaning fluid according to their choice.




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