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What is the strength of double drum rivets?

2020-09-01 H:34:53

The application of rivet in China has a key use value. There are also strong regulations in the application of rivet. The semi hollow rivet must be the mechanical equipment and mechanical equipment conforming to the requirements of raw materials for rivet pulling. Rivet is also a kind of connecting bolt, which can connect two parts together to produce a whole.

The rivet is produced by cold extrusion, drilling and thread rolling. In the process flow chart, 40-50 pieces of rivets with big cap can be produced automatically and continuously from breaking to shrinking. It is used for riveting metal sheet or leather products, white canvas, wood and other non-metallic materials with small flat head or flat round head bolts. Small flat head drilling tail screw bolt is used for riveting of non-metallic materials. Hollow bolts are rarely used for riveting with load. Headless bolts are used for riveting of non-metallic materials. Hollow bolt is used for riveting of non-metallic material, with light weight and soft nail head. Pipe bolts are used for non-metallic riveting without load. Mark the factory name plate on the bolt riveting machine, machine equipment, etc. The rivets are single and double sided, but the common tools such as riveting gun (manual, electric, dynamic) and riveting self tapping screws must be used.

In the opening meeting, small flat head round mouth rivet is the most commonly used bolt. Solid rivet countersunk head bolt has stable characteristics of riveting place, bolt closing, long-time load and certain sealing characteristics. According to the riveting site regulations, the bolt is another single and double-sided riveting bolt. During riveting, the hammer head is used to knock the exposed core of the nail head to make the nail end level and complete riveting. The actual operation is very convenient It is usually suitable for inconvenient general bolts (riveting on both sides) or riveting (lack of riveting gun) and riveting places. Generally suitable for round mouth core pulling, countersunk head core pulling and surface riveting smooth place.




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