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Judging the normal state of riveting with core pulling rivets

2020-09-01 H:45:54

All the normal characteristics of rivets under riveting are as follows: first, the relativity of the bolt barrel is symmetrical; second, the bolt head is completely covered; third, the edge of the bolt cap is close to the zero product workpiece and all normal conditions of seamless splicing and riveting are distinguished

There is no burr or dirt in the hole. When the nozzle can not digest and absorb the intramedullary nail, turn off the valve and check whether the nail core is stuck in the claw. In case of obstruction, remove the claw sleeve and insert the intramedullary nail rod into the tube with pointed forceps. After the nail core is broken, distinguish the riveting situation of commodity, and determine whether the nail is normal suction core pipe with aluminum stainless steel rivet. If everything is OK, please repeat, the next installation is simple. When the core is half stored, it should be removed immediately.

Then, after continuous operation for 2-3 hours, add 2-3 drops of grease into the inlet and outlet holes. After lubrication, it is beneficial to improve the high efficiency and lubrication of bolts.

Finally, according to the application frequency of the product, after 5000 applications, the inner wall and shaft were cleaned once, and the aluminum stainless steel countersunk rivet was dropped into the grease. The claw is damaged and the bolt rod deviates during core pulling. Replace all claws. After significant reduction, the fault should be reported immediately and the gear oil should be filled. After the work is finished, cut off the main valve. When using rivets, the bolts and accessories must be removed and collected immediately, and the auxiliary tools should be put in to remove the goods and wastes on the operation platform. This is beneficial to all the normal work of rivets, and then improve the work efficiency.




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