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How to use blind rivets correctly? The manufacturer of blind rivet tells you

2020-09-01 H:38:25

Riveting can be weird for a lot of people. In fact, rivet is very common parts, lantern rivet is common in furniture, large and medium-sized industrial equipment. Another characteristic of rivets is that special tools must be used for rivets instead of screws without special tools.

Rivets are generally used by many aircraft manufacturers, furniture manufacturers and other parts, but most manufacturers generally use special tools to connect bolts. In fact, many aspects of the rivet must be continuously mastered, so as to better use the rivet and make the product quality higher.

1. Remove the sludge on the surface of the broken screw head and kill the cross-section management center with red copper of the management center. Then, a twist drill with a diameter of 6-8 mm was installed in the section management center with electric hand drill to drill holes. Pay attention to drilling. After drilling, take out the small twist drill and replace the 16 mm diameter twist drill. Expand the broken anchor bolt hole again and drill through.

2. Take the electric grade whose diameter is less than 3.3 mm, and remove half of the length of the anchor bolt from the beginning of the double drum rivet spray welding from the inside to the outside with medium and small current. It is not necessary to start the spray welding arc too long to prevent burning the surface of the anchor bolt. After the metal surface treatment was carried out on the top of the broken anchor bolt, the cylinder with the diameter of 14-16mm and the height width ratio of 8-10 mm can be further treated.

3. After metal surface treatment, hammer the inner hole to make the broken anchor bolt vibrate along the center line. Because of the heat generated by the last electric arc and the subsequent cooling, plus the vibration at this time, the anchor bolt will break and its external thread will be loose.

Bolt is a special tool for riveting, and riveting is one of them. However, its application must be matched with special riveting gun. Since general bolts must be riveted from both sides, only special rivets can be used in riveting work. Therefore, special rivets are widely used, which makes us unchanged. e. Areas like bolts, such as cars, boats, and housing construction.

With a special type of riveting gun, you only have to adjust the specifications and models, and then put the rivets in Tianjin, and then install them in the areas you need.

Therefore, many areas must be improved and explored in the whole application process of rivet. In the whole process of bolt application, we should pay attention to the actual operation to make our own rights and interests.

Rivet is a common part, so many manufacturers must continue to master the proper application of rivet. In fact, many manufacturers do not understand the application of rivet, so it is very important to consume the rivet. Normal training and reading information content.




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