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How to carry out the anti-corrosion core pulling rivets for rivets

2020-09-01 H:29:19

The standard part of rivet is the most common part in industrial equipment, which plays a key role. However, the erosion of standard parts in application is the most common damage. In order to avoid the erosion of standard parts in the whole process of application, many manufacturers solve the surface layer of standard parts after manufacturing. Can the metal surface treatment of countersunk rivets improve the corrosion resistance of standard parts? There are four kinds of metal surface treatment methods to avoid etching of standard parts. We can choose the way according to the actual situation: standard parts of rivet include: inner lock bolt, outer lock bolt, fumeilai bolt and double lock bolt. Drum bolt, single drum bolt, small lantern bolt, opening bolt, drawing bolt, groove rivet, closed acne bolt, bolt nut, pneumatic riveter and related standard parts. How to develop the corrosion resistance of willow nails

One is electroplating process and electroplating process standard. In this way, the standard part is put into the aqueous solution of metal material, and then a layer of metal material is covered on the surface of the standard piece with electric flow. This layer of metal material has many functions. For example, we can choose different coating metal materials according to different functions. If we want to avoid specification parts being coated. If the standard parts are rusted, we can phosphatize the surface of the standard parts. 2。 Mechanical equipment plating & mechanical equipment plating of standard parts refers to the cold welding of metal particles on the standard parts to ensure some functions of the surface layer of the standard parts. Mechanical equipment electroplating process and electroplating process are mostly similar, but we use different ways, the results can be said to be the same. 3。 Heat treatment process & for the surface heat treatment process of standard parts, some standard parts, such as drilling tail screw, must have a hard surface layer, so heat treatment process can be carried out for drilling tail screw, and color rivets are used to ensure sufficient strength of drilling tail screw. This is the reason for the heat treatment process. 4。 Surface passivation is aimed at the surface passivation treatment of standard parts, and the key role of passivation treatment is to enhance the strength of standard parts, and to greatly reduce the air oxidation of standard parts. In the surface treatment of standard parts, the method can be selected according to the details. In that way, the standard parts can have stronger effect in the whole application process.




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