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Stainless steel seahorse POP RIVET

Stainless steel seahorse POP RIVET

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To put it bluntly, the special-shaped bolt is different from the basic bolt, just like the emergency for the basic malignant event. All the abnormal bolts that are not the basic bolts are all the special-shaped bolts. We all know that the basic bolts include small flat head solid core bolt, small flat head half space center bolt, round mouth solid core bolt, round mouth half space center bolt, countersunk head half empty center bolt, counter knock letter nail and so on. What are the special-shaped bolts? The common special-shaped bolts generally include step bolt, cross bolt, square bolt and its bundle tail bolt.

The diameter of the top layer is large, and the diameter of the next layer is small, which is ladder like. Lantern rivets are commonly used in sheet metal products.

The cross bolt is shaped like a cross, and the general specifications and models are small. Because of its good conductivity, it is generally used on the RF connector of electric bulb and other household appliances.

The whole body of square bolt is square, not only the head is square, but also the rivet rod. It has good compression resistance, corrosion resistance and air oxidation resistance. It is generally used as the standard parts of large and medium-sized industrial equipment.





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