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Double drum blind rivet manufacturer

Double drum blind rivet manufacturer

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As a pioneer in the development of new products, design schemes and marketing of car light sources, as the pioneer of the industry development, we have been in the forefront of the sales market. Whether it is product design scheme, product research and development, or the infrastructure of sales channels, we are all connected with the world. What's different is that the customer is not looking for everyone according to the Internet, but aluminum iron open rivet. According to the detailed introduction of boneyou, we have to admit that the energy of user evaluation is really much greater than that of advertising! The bolts purchased this time are 3 * 2 * 1.5 small size copper bolts and aluminum bolts, both of which can conduct electricity. The copper conductivity is stronger, and the cost performance of aluminum is higher. Both of them are good or bad. Bolts of different materials can be used according to different commodities. In addition to material requirements, customers also stipulate that bolts should be smooth, bright and scratch free. In addition, it is convenient for riveting. Single drum rivets are naturally required. Of course, we are duty bound to do so! Objectively speaking, as the standard parts of LED lights, bolts, especially copper bolts, are the best choice for their product requirements. Even if the screws are the same as the standard parts, they are only awed by the red copper bolts!




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