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Double drum rivet manufacturer

Double drum rivet manufacturer

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The use of bolts is very wide, and even many products are not good without bolts. Dasaitong Hardware Products Co., Ltd. has been focusing on product development and production, and manufacturing a large number of high-quality bolts that can meet the requirements of a large number of fields. Naturally, we will not blindly pursue the perfection of a large number of order information, and produce bolts for the production of bolts. It is irresponsible. All the products released are announced to the market after the inspection of aluminum iron big cap rivet pulling machine and equipment. We consider that the premise of customer satisfaction is to save the quality, so if you buy large There is no need to worry too much about your products. If you agree with your regulations, you will certainly do a good job in bolts, so that all small bolts can cause great use value in your company!

Stainless steel 201, for many people, may be a strange word. Some have heard of iron, also have heard of stainless steel inner lock drawing rivet, but stainless steel 201, is indeed a rare word. Recently, some customers asked us, is stainless steel 201 bolt and stainless steel rivet the same? Everyone here can take responsibility to tell you, they are not the same!




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