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Double drum rivet wholesale

Double drum rivet wholesale

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So which bolt riveting is convenient and cost-effective? In terms of materials, bolts are divided into stainless steel rivets, aluminum bolts, copper bolts and iron bolts. Considering from the riveting difficulty coefficient alone, aluminum bolts are more easily riveted, followed by stainless steel rivets, iron bolts and copper bolts. From the price point of view, aluminum bolts are also very cost-effective. Aluminum iron open-end blind rivets are only slightly more expensive than iron bolts. Therefore, if other factors are not considered, aluminum bolts are indeed the kind of cost-effective and convenient riveting bolts! Can aluminum bolts be used in all products? Everyone match with hardware products Co., Ltd. can be very responsible to say to you, no doubt not! Bolts are widely used in many fields, from electrical products to military machinery and equipment. If aluminum bolts are so wonderful, it is not easy for those engaged in the field of bolts to develop stainless steel rivets, iron bolts and copper bolts day and night. The prominent defect of aluminum bolt is the poor bearing capacity. If the product that must be riveted has more energy, the aluminum bolt is likely to "give up". Therefore, if you buy single drum rivet, you need to analyze the actual product deeply. You can't buy some aluminum bolts at will to deal with the problem because of its cheap and convenient riveting. The evasion of responsibility for commodities is essentially the evasion of responsibility to oneself.




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