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Waterproof lantern rivet

Waterproof lantern rivet

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Rivet is a kind of single and double-sided riveting bolts, but it must be riveted with common tools and riveting gun. When riveting, the bolt core needs to be driven by a special riveting gun to expand the riveting body and have riveting effect. It is widely used in engineering construction, cars, ships, airports, equipment, household appliances, furniture and other commodities.

Common problems of rivets

1. When checking the finished products of pull rivets, it is necessary to check: the diameter of rivet body, the length of rivet body rod, the thickness and diameter of rivet cap, the total length of core of double drum core pulling rivet, the exposed specification of screw core, the specification of screw, and the diameter after installation can be considered. In the specific detection, accurate measurement can be carried out for the weak points of commodities, such as tensile strength, shear stress, and anti stripping force of nail core.

2. It is important to pay attention to the bolts, such as insufficient riveting enough, timely riveting for some wood, or large rivet core sun visor, which makes the branch pipe of riveting body unable to pull down; there are also jumping heads, that is, the breaking force of the nail core is too low or the fracture specification is too small.

3. Bolt material: aluminum, iron, stainless steel plate, aluminum alloy, etc.

4. The total thickness of the product workpiece is generally 45% - 65% of the length of the bolt. The good thing is that it does not have to be higher than 60%. In addition, it is inconvenient for the rivets with large flange to be too short in operation. It is suggested that 50% - 60% of rivets should be taken as the standard. If the bolt length is too long, the bolt pier head is too large, and the nail rod is easy to bend; if the bolt length is too short, the pier thickness is not enough, and the nail head is not formed in detail, which is harmful to the compressive strength and inseparable type. Bolt length is too long or too short is not good, only suitable length, can achieve good riveting actual effect.




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