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Waterproof lantern rivet

Waterproof lantern rivet

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Rivets as industrial production, often use some small parts, small components, because of a variety of reasons, this small component will be contaminated with dirt, and how to remove the dirt on the rivet, the rivet manufacturer will introduce the way to remove the dirt.

The application of soluble emulsion cleaner can dissolve the waste on the surface of the parts, and the stainless steel double drum rivet can also leave an anti rust film on the surface; the application of the generated cleaner can eliminate the organic chemical dirt on the surface, which is usually used to carry out the cleaning with medium difficulty coefficient, such as cleaning the surface of quenching oil or heat treatment polymer aqueous solution; Alkaline cleaning fluid is a common cleaning fluid. The price of Automobile Open rivet is not expensive, and it can maintain the cleaning of the foundation. It is a wide range of cleaning tools.

Naturally, there are many cleaning fluids that can clean the bolts. Therefore, it is necessary to find out what causes the dirt, and then purchase the cleaning fluid according to the necessity.





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