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Waterproof lantern rivet

Waterproof lantern rivet

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Double drum bolt is a kind of single and double-sided riveting bolts. It is a new standard part of blind riveting. In riveting, deformation or interference are fully used to connect the riveted parts. Riveting should be carried out with common tools (manual, electric and pneumatic). The product has the characteristics of convenient use, high efficiency, low noise, good moisture resistance, and can reduce labor efficiency.

Double drum rivet commodity raw materials: Aluminum 5050 / 5052 / 5056 / 5154, iron, stainless steel plate 304, etc. Diameter of double drum rivet: 3.3mm, 4mm, 4.8mm, 6.4mm. Length: 5mm-40mm. There are three kinds of drum bolts: single drum bolt, double drum bolt and multi drum rivet. After riveting, the bolt core will pull the tail end of the bolt body into a pair of drum bolt heads, and then clamp the two riveted parts, which can reduce the working pressure on the surface of the parts.

Double drum bolt is a high toughness standard part with broken core and double drum. Drum bolts are very suitable for riveting places where ordinary bolts (which must be riveted from both sides) are troublesome, so they are widely used in engineering construction, mechanical equipment, cars, ships, airports, shipping containers, equipment, household appliances, furniture, etc. Among them, the open mouth flat round head rivet is the most widely used, and the countersunk head rivet is suitable for the riveting place which must be smooth and has a viewing angle, and is not affected by the load. Closed rivets are suitable for riveting places with high load and certain sealing characteristics.

Aluminum and metal materials that meet the requirements can replace several standard parts. Very good to make up for small round holes and large spherical bubble tail, automobile lantern rivet sheet is the ideal riveting raw material. All round tightening work ability, excellent hole filling capacity, regulator shear and compressive strength, good plate rolling ability to save the nail core, Hengtai stainless steel plate type can show high corrosion resistance and can be used in high temperature natural environment, a variety of installation special tools can be selected, can replace several standard parts, suitable for different thickness plate, reduce standard parts Inventory and simple inventory control can compensate for irregular, super large, slotted or displaced holes, and can clamp the plate in non-standard holes. It has strong anti-seismic connection, because the anti-theft lock core is not easy to cause damage and electrical equipment problems.




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