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Waterproof lantern blind rivet

Waterproof lantern blind rivet

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Under the effect of riveting working pressure, if the supporting bolt is bent and deformed due to imbalance, it will also lead to ball bearing clamping and rolling bearing rotation inflexible. Because of the flexibility of the bolt bending in the thin and thick direction, it is necessary to check the reliability of the bolt in the thin and thick direction. The flexibility of ring groove bolt in the direction of thin and thick bending is: λ is flexibility, μ is height width ratio index, I is inertia force semicircle, j is bending stiffness of bolt in thin thickness direction.

In the formula calculation, it is the specific stable safety performance of the bolt during riveting and pressing, and the required stable safety performance, which is generally taken as 1.8-3.0. If the value of the ring groove bolt does not meet the above standard, it indicates that the reliability of the bolt riveting is not enough. Therefore, the reliability of the bolt should be improved according to the thickness s of the bolt.

When the bolt is riveted again, it can be seen that the lower part of the bolt is fixed, and only the translation transformation surface does not rotate at the upper part. Because the bolt of waterproof lantern type rivet is short, its flexibility is generally lower than that of matched raw material limit, so the bolt is a small flexibility rod. Therefore, the critical value of bolt unbalance in-situ stress should be calculated by the formula of pressure bar stability proofreading.

When the metal drawing bolt is riveted, it is easy to cause bolt deformation and displacement of two truncated ball bearings. Therefore, the main parameters of bolts and ball bearings should be effectively selected in the design scheme of ring groove bolts. All aluminum rivets for automobiles should be checked to prevent rolling bearings from clamping balls and rotating inflexibly.




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