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Double drum rivet

Double drum rivet

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As we all know, if a bolt is riveted, it means that the bolt can not be used. If some bolts are riveted, it belongs to all normal conditions. However, if most of a batch of commodities are riveted and cracked, we need to study the reasons inside carefully.

The first is the selection of riveting method. The riveting method of bolt is more convenient. If the bolt can be riveted without riveting crack, the riveting method of double drum rivet manufacturers is different from that of different manufacturers and commodities. Generally, the main performance is hammering, riveting with small and medium-sized manual high-speed punch and riveting with reliable riveting machine If you have enough, it is more suitable to use reliable riveting machine as far as possible; the second is the selection of bolt equipment. The bolt equipment is generally divided into manual high-speed punch and riveting machine. Manual high-speed punch is generally used in small and medium-sized hand machines. Iron rivets and riveting machines are divided into riveting machine and press riveting machine. Different bolts usually have different equipment, Therefore, in the purchase of bolts, the relative supporting facilities and equipment are more stable, so that the actual effect of riveting is stronger, and it is not easy to appear riveting crack. In addition to opening the equipment, the matching of riveting head is also very important. Generally, a bolt is matched with a rivet head, so we should replace the new rivet head when selecting new bolts, which is not easy to get out under the riveting condition At present, the large riveting problems can ensure the quality of riveting. If the above reasons are removed and riveting cracks still occur, it may be due to the materials. In that case, the rivet manufacturers should immediately contact the rivet manufacturers for relative solutions. Generally, the rivet manufacturers will carry out quenching and replacement of raw materials according to the specific problems to solve the relative riveting problems.




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