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Aluminum double drum rivet

Aluminum double drum rivet

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Cold heading and milling are two common production processes in the field of standard parts, which are widely used in the production of various standard parts such as bolts. Because the forging steps of the two kinds of processing technology are quite different, so there are good and bad in the operation process, and how to choose is a difficult problem that most hardware manufacturing companies must consider!

Cold heading and milling, to put it bluntly, cold heading is a kind of processing technology using cold heading machine to carry out production and processing. Double drum type all aluminum rivet and milling is a kind of technology to carry out production and manufacturing by using CNC lathe. Because of different machines and equipments and different work flow, they have different characteristics and length. The advantage of cold heading process depends on the high efficiency of production and manufacturing, and it can be used in one hour Several thousand or even tens of thousands of standard parts are produced, and the product cost is low. The single commodity usually costs some money or even a few percent, but the corresponding defects are relatively obvious. Due to the production and manufacture of cold heading machine, the requirements of abrasive tools are high, and the grinding tools must be opened for slightly complicated foundation, and the cost of grinding tools is hundreds of yuan, and the grinding tools of some large and medium-sized cold heading machines also need several thousand yuan Moreover, the types of standard parts that can be produced and manufactured are relatively limited, which is not so common as milling. The milling technology of semi hollow copper rivets is not strong. All the standard parts of the foundation can be milled out, and there is no need to open grinding tools. However, the prominent defect is that the productivity is low. It is very likely that 1000 or even dozens of commodities can be produced in an hour. Therefore, the corresponding product cost is relatively high. A milling part can be cost-effective for about 10 cents, some of which are expensive Even a few yuan, dozens of yuan, hundreds of yuan, so we must be cautious in the selection of standard parts production process!




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