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All aluminum lantern blind rivet

All aluminum lantern blind rivet

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Pneumatic riveting gun -- just get it on the pneumatic scale immediately. Small and medium-sized ones, such as those below 14 kg, can also be used. Except for 6.4 (6) diameter. Waterproof lantern core pulling rivets are all able to pull. 6.4 (6) is also able to pull some guns, but more expensive, generally more overseas.

I suggest that if everything goes well, use the famous manufacturer's. Good, bad appearance, no difference. But the difference between the parts inside is bigger. If you can't pull up tens of thousands of yuan, you will have steam leakage. Once the steam leaks, the actual effect is not good. There are also some that the collets are very easy to break. The parts inside are also very easy to break. The low price of spare parts is cost-effective, or it is too troublesome to replace.

Manual riveting gun - no external aids. Just apply it now. Generally, small quantities can be considered. The drawback is that the efficiency is too low. The collet is as easy to break as it is suggested to buy a better one. The breaking force / neck breaking force of stainless steel rivets. Enterprise bar / kg

The standard air pressure of riveting gun shall be: 4.5-5.5 (bar / kg) for 3 / 3.2 diameter, 6-7 (bar / kg) for diameter 4, 7.5-8 (bar / kg) for diameter 4.8, and 9-10 (bar / kg) for diameter 6 / 64

If we don't fully consider the bearing capacity of the riveter, there will be no problem if the tensile strength is larger. I think the bigger the better. Although 4.8 rivets are likely to be pulled out at 7 bar, the actual effect is not as good as 9aar. Other specifications are the same.




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