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Custom lantern rivet

Custom lantern rivet

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At present, hollow bolt is often used in tight connection of different raw materials. If the design scheme is not used properly, some raw materials will cause problems for hollow bolt users. The riveting of stainless steel plate and leather products is an example. In a case of riveting of ice sled and leather products, soft plastic raw materials must be placed on the side of flange plan, not the side turned out by riveting.

The large flange surface of hollow bolt is relative to the top of round arch head, so it is not easy to be compressed by soft plastic raw materials. If the waterproof lantern rivet must be placed with stainless steel plate on the surface of the large flange of the hollow bolt, it is proposed to place the supporting point for emptying the core bolt on the side where the rivet is turned out.

When riveting thin metal materials, it is necessary to make sure that the metal sheet is placed flat on the actual operation position. The gripping length of the hollow bolt must be embedded 1 / 16 inch to accommodate the thickness of 1 / 16 inch of the support point.

The drilling specification of bolt hole is min + 0.1max + 0.2

The total thickness of the workpiece is generally 45% - 65% of the bolt length. Well, it doesn't have to be higher than 60%. In addition, it is inconvenient for automobile rivet manufacturers to work too short. It is suggested that 50% - 60% is the standard. For example: if the total thickness of two or more products is 6 mm, then the length of bolt should be 9.23-13.3 mm. In that case, it is easy to use, and the 12mm long one in the middle is more suitable.



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