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Types and uses of rivets

2020-09-01 H:58:58

The common ones are R-shaped bolt, cooling fan bolt, rivet (core punching bolt), tree bolt, semicircular head, small flat head, half space center bolt, solid core bolt, countersunk bolt, pull rivet, hollow bolt. This kind of connection is usually made full use of deformation to connect riveted parts. Generally, cold riveting is used for those below 8mm, and hot riveting is used for those exceeding this specification. All aluminum rivets are excepted. For example, the factory nameplates on some hardware locks are riveted by the interference between the bolt and the lock core hole.

R-type plastic bolt, also known as expansion bolt, is composed of two parts: Plastic sub nail and female buckle. It is unnecessary to use special installation tools during installation. The mounting base is placed in a smooth hole, and then the top of the head is pressed down. The foot of the unique design scheme can bear the force, and then it can be opened and locked tightly on the surface to be installed. Its all aluminum countersunk head rivet is usually used to connect plastic cover, light board, insulating layer material, circuit board, or other lightweight and light raw materials, which is beautiful, easy to use and easy to use.

The cooling fan bolt is designed for manual installation. According to the hole of panel or support frame, it can be pulled in. It is manufactured with polyurethane elastomer raw materials, which has excellent ductility, and can be installed quickly even if it is installed with clearance. The design scheme is appropriate and has the function of ductility. The relative diameter is not easy to slide down after pulling in. The key application of cooling fan bolt is to fix the fan, radiator and integrated IC on the computer of electronic devices, which has the function of anti vibration and reducing noise.

Core bolt is a new riveting standard part which is very convenient for riveting. In the narrow indoor space with full aluminum color rivets or without riveting gun or without riveting gun, the core bolt can show its unique advantages. Two or more connected parts can be riveted successfully by using hammers and other utensils to knock the nail cores on both sides. According to the appearance of the screw cap edge, the core striking bolt can be divided into flat round head core beating bolt and countersunk head core striking bolt. According to the different material composition, it can be divided into all aluminum core hitting bolt, aluminum steel core hitting bolt, all stainless steel plate core striking bolt, steel steel core striking bolt, aluminum stainless steel plate core striking bolt, plastic core striking bolt, etc. It is not necessary to use manual riveting gun or pneumatic riveting gun to rivet the core punching bolt, which has stronger riveting performance and convenience, and can be widely used in riveting of various connected parts.




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