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The use of the rivet lantern manufacturers to introduce to you

2020-09-01 H:57:03

Decal bolt, decal bolt is widely used in all kinds of pure grain wine, red wine, high-end drinks, food, gifts and other goods packaging materials. At present, there are thousands of pure grain distilleries all over the country that apply the pasted bolts to the anti-counterfeiting label packaging of beverage products.

The key functions of the decal bolt are as follows: as a fixed part of the anti-counterfeiting mark of the commodity, reasonably ensure the quality of the product, and the all iron big cap rivet as the anti-counterfeiting logo has decorative design and strong effect.

It can also be used for riveting parts made of raw materials, such as laminated glass, vulcanized rubber, plastic, corrugated board, wood and thin metal structures.

After riveting, the bolt core pulls the tail end of the bolt body into a four petal shaped bolt head, and then holds two riveted parts, which is not easy to crush the surface of the parts.

In the traditional inspection method of blind rivets, when the screw teeth of the core pulling rivets fall within the tolerance level, they think that the quality of the core pulling rivets is up to the standard, which is somewhat reasonable and easy to operate. The defect is that the quality assurance level of the core pulling rivets is slightly lower, and there are many technical system loopholes. All iron enameled rivets are under high efficiency. --Decal bolt

The basic theory of the new type of unprotected dual DC / DC SPWM is analyzed, and the MATLAB model simulation is created according to the analysis. The model simulation is consistent with the basic theory analysis.

Blind drives --- rivetbody or drive mandrel. All iron countersunk head color rivet is a kind of bolt used for single and double-sided riveting, but it must be riveted with common tools such as manual riveting gun, electric riveting gun and pneumatic riveting gun. When riveting, the bolt core is driven by a special type riveting gun, which makes the riveting body expand and has riveting effect. This kind of bolt is very suitable for riveting places where ordinary bolts (which must be riveted from both sides) are used in engineering construction, cars, ships, airports, equipment, household appliances, furniture and other commodities. Among them, the open type flat round head rivet is the most widely used. The countersunk head rivet is suitable for the riveting place which must be smooth. The closed rivet is applicable to the riveting place with higher load and certain sealing characteristics.



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