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Development history of rivets

2020-09-01 H:32:39

The first bolt of stainless steel rivet was small shear nail made of wood or bone, and the first deformation body of metal material is likely to be the ancestor of bolt as we know it today. There is no doubt that stainless steel rivets are the oldest known method of joining metal materials All stainless steel countersunk head rivets can be traced back as far as malleable metal materials were first used. For example, in the bronze age, the ancient Egyptians used bolts to rivet together six wooden fan shapes on the inner and outer lines of grooved wheel wheels. After the Westerners succeeded in casting large and medium-sized sculptures with brass, they riveted the components together with bolts.

In 1916, when h. v. Tim, an American aircraft manufacturer, once obtained the patent right for blind bolts that can be riveted on both sides, half stainless steel countersunk head rivets were basically not expected to be used as widely as today. From aerospace to office equipment, electronic equipment and sports field machinery and equipment, it can be said that this kind of blind bolt has become a reasonable and firm sleeve connection.

Most of the hollow bolts were invented for the production, manufacture or maintenance of horse gear and weapon equipment. It is not very clear when the hollow bolt was invented. However, the harness was invented in the 9th or 10th century. The riveted harness, like the horse's hoof, liberated the slave from the heavy labor. The bolt also caused many key inventions, such as the iron type pointed nose pliers and sheep shears for copper and iron workers.

Percussion bolt is another kind of single and double-sided riveting bolts. When riveting, hammer is used to knock the top of the bolt head to expose the core, and the aluminum stainless steel rivet makes it flush with the inner hole of the nail head. It is quite convenient to carry out riveting. It is very suitable for riveting places where ordinary bolts (which must be riveted from both sides) or rivets (lack of riveting gun) are used. In general, flat round head core riveting is used, and countersunk head core punching bolts are suitable for riveting places where the surface must be smooth.



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