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Steel heat treatment of blind rivets

2020-09-01 H:25:09

How much do you know about the heat treatment process of rivet steel?

Quenching is a heat treatment process in which the steel is heated to above the critical pressure so that the steel changes into a symmetrical martensite and then naturally cooled in air. It can remove the network structure cementite of hypereutectoid steel, optimize the lattice constant and improve the comprehensive physical properties for hypoeutectoid quenching. It is more economical to replace quenching process with quenching for parts with less specified requirements.

Heat treatment of steel

The heat treatment of rivets is to heat the steel to the critical pressure, heat insulation for a period of time, and then quickly put into the heat treatment agent, so that its temperature is sharply reduced, and the cooling rate exceeds the critical value, and the heat treatment process of unbalanced mechanism dominated by austenite is obtained. Heat treatment can improve the compressive strength and strength of steel, but reduce its plastic deformation. The common heat treatment agents in heat treatment are water, oil, edible alkali and acid salt solution.

Quenching of steel

The rivet will heat-treated steel again to a certain temperature, and then refrigeration in a certain way is called quenching. The aim is to remove the thermal stress caused by heat treatment and semi stainless steel rivets reduce strength and ductility to obtain the predicted physical properties. Quenching is divided into high temperature quenching, medium temperature quenching and ultra-low temperature quenching. All stainless steel rivets are usually quenched in combination with heat treatment and quenching.

Rivet is a kind of single and double-sided riveting bolts, but it must be riveted with common tools (manual, electric and movable). All aluminum lantern type core pulling rivets are very suitable for riveting places where ordinary bolts (which must be riveted from both sides) are troublesome, so they are widely used in engineering construction, cars, ships, airports, equipment, household appliances, furniture and other commodities. Among them, the open type flat round head rivet is the most widely used. The countersunk head rivet is suitable for the riveting place which must be smooth. The closed rivet is applicable to the riveting place with higher load and certain sealing characteristics.





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