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Automobile double drum rivet

Automobile double drum rivet

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Fully considering the elements of new energy sources, high strength steel plate is widely used in cars at present, and aluminum plate is also used in some design schemes to further reduce the net weight of the whole car. As a result, sheet metal connection occupies a very large proportion in the production and installation of cars, such as white cars

In addition to electric welding, the key interface mode in car manufacturing is to use standard parts to connect metal plate with customized lantern rivet. Because the types of standard parts for cars are various and the total number is very large, it is necessary to study the application of standard parts in car metal sheet connection.

In the connection design scheme, the type of standard parts should be selected first, and then the actual specifications and main parameters should be selected according to the calculation and proofreading. Based on the analysis of the types and characteristics of the metal plate used for cars, the author analyzes the clasp structure and regulations available for different standard parts, and according to the current automobile

It is helpful to improve the level of car design and development by comparing and analyzing the key standard parts in the field of vehicle, scientifically studying the type selection of standard parts in metal plate connection.




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