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Stainless steel closed rivet

Stainless steel closed rivet

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Hot dip galvanizing is a common coating for bolts, which has the characteristics of high cost performance and good appearance. But its anti-corrosion effect is general, its anti-corrosion effect is relatively low in the coating, the pre tightening force of hot-dip galvanizing of half space center bolt is unstable, which is generally used for riveting places with small load.

The anti-corrosion effect of stainless steel bolt is very good. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel in marine natural environment is better than other metal surface treatment. The cost of wastewater treatment in stainless steel production process is high, so it is not applied in general natural environment. Chromium coating is relatively stable in the air, not easy to fade and dull, high strength.

Hot dip galvanizing is to develop external diffusion coating when zinc is heated to liquid state. The thickness of the coating is 10-15 μ m, and the all aluminum lantern type blind rivet is difficult to control, but it has good corrosion resistance, which is often used in engineering projects.

The metal surface treatment of half space center bolt is mainly for better anti-corrosion effect, and comprehensive color and decoration design effect of all personnel. Therefore, the surface of bolts must be generally solved. Different surface solutions should also take into account environmental pollution. Each coating has a variety of coating thickness to apply different corrosion resistance tests, so that automobile super long rivets can be applied to different products.

In view of different commodities and different characteristics, we must carry out metal surface treatment in accordance with the quality situation, otherwise, we will not only fail to meet the estimated requirements, but also continue to destroy the goods. Therefore, we should carry out appropriate solutions to the commodities on the basis of understanding the metal surface treatment.



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