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All aluminum double drum rivet

All aluminum double drum rivet

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First of all, the price of iron electromagnetic coil is 10 yuan up and down 1 kg, even if a few yuan of red copper electroplating process cost is only 10 yuan 1kg, while the copper electromagnetic coil price is about 60 yuan a kilogram, which is more or less clear. If the price is sorted out, then how to judge the copper bolt and the iron plated copper bolt? The insiders can distinguish according to the tone and the net weight. Generally speaking, the color of the super long aluminum iron rivet is dim, and the net weight is relatively light, which can be easily identified from these two aspects. If you are a layman, it doesn't matter if you are a layman. If you prepare a small magnet in advance, you will be able to distinguish clearly. The iron-plated copper bolt has a large magnetic field, while the copper bolt has a small magnetic field. You can understand it by gently sucking it. So, don't complain about the "expensive" bolt, don't be slaughtered by others, and help others to say nice words. We buy seahorse rivets Selling is almost all honesty and trustworthiness first!

The production of copper bolts can go through the rigorous test of salt spray testing machine, and has achieved very good practical results in the relevant industries. If you want to make your products more competitive, warmly welcome to call your enterprises!





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