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Double drum rivet customization

Double drum rivet customization

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Most of the customers who have bought the tail bolt and the step bolt will have such doubts. The bolt looks the same as the step bolt. Did you deliver the goods wrong? Naturally, if you receive such a problem, you will first inform the consumer that there is no mistake. This is the bolt you want. Then you will give him a detailed introduction to the difference between the tail bolt of big cap aluminum iron rivet and step riveting! So how to distinguish the tail bolt from the step bolt? Here we can blow a little cow leather, ordinary people really can't see it! Next, we will give you a detailed explanation, what is the tie tail bolt, what is the ladder bolt?

Step bolt

The tail bolt is short headed with large wire, which is to reduce the tail end of the bolt in a stepped shape. In addition, there is a slight fillet at the bottom end, which can make the bolt riveted more easily by grinding and polishing. The requirements of some unique products are considered. The ladder bolts are mostly made with small lines, and the upper end of the rivet rod is widened according to the extrusion forming, which makes it a ladder like bolt. However, the step bolt extruded by all aluminum double drum rivets is not easy to have fillet at the tail end, and its riveting processing technology is also relatively unique. The ladder bolt is riveted according to the upper end of the rivet rod with a gasket, so the upper end of the rivet rod is exposed Noodles! Because riveting processing technology is not the same, so the two available goods are not the same. One obvious feature of the difference between the tail bolt and the step bolt is whether there is fillet, so it is not necessary to classify them into the same category because of their similar appearance!




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