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Big Brim double drum rivet

Big Brim double drum rivet

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Many customers like to make the thickness of bolts thicker when ordering bolts. The thickness of bolts in half space center is 0.6, 0.8 or even mm. They habitually think that the thicker the wall is, the more reliable and durable the bolts are. Later, the objective fact is not the case. Everything can give full play to its real effect only within the effective scope. The same is true for bolts. Too thick wall thickness of double drum rivets will immediately damage the actual effect of bolt riveting, resulting in riveting immobility and even riveting deformation, thus endangering the characteristics of all commodities.

What thickness is more suitable? According to the proposal of senior engineers, the general wall thickness of half space center bolt is 0.3-0.5mm, and aluminum bolt can be moderately thick due to its soft material. In order to maintain the reliability of the screw, the wall thickness must be thicker, which is generally 0.4-0.8 mm. In addition, the wall thickness of these larger bolts and some bolts with unique main purposes can be moderately thicker. We must carry out an in-depth analysis on the actual problems of the bolt wall thickness according to the actual situation of the commodity. If you have any doubts about these aspects, you can Call everyone SAITONG Hardware Co., Ltd. anytime and anywhere. You will give you a suitable riveting plan.




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