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Big cap type lantern rivet

Big cap type lantern rivet

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  • Date of issue:2020-10-23 15:44:22
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Special shaped parts refer to the standard parts without national regulations and specifications. They are a definition of relativity. Today, I will tell you about the general provisions for the production and processing of special-shaped parts. The gate and flying spurs should be eliminated. The gate content on the surface of special-shaped parts should be pushed flat and polished to meet the requirements of process performance. The wrinkles on the surface of non production processing surface of casting parts, the deep layer of stainless steel lantern rivet shall be less than 3 mm, and the interval shall be more than 100 mm. Shot peening or barrel rolling is needed to solve the problem of non production processing surface of casting parts of equipment, and the requirement of cleanliness is enough. The special-shaped parts shall be cleaned up and free of burr and burr. The gate on the non production processing instructions shall be removed and flush with the surface of casting parts. The defects of cold shut, crack, shrinkage porosity, penetration and serious incomplete defects (such as under casting, mechanical equipment damage, etc.) are not allowed on the surface of casting parts. It is not allowed to have the defects of black skin, bumping, random buckle and burr on the surface of core bolt produced by combined rivets. Rust, scale, vegetable oil, dust, soil, salt and waste must be removed before painting.



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