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Rivet manufacturer tells you how to solve the burr after riveting the lantern rivet

2020-09-01 H:01:34

Blind bolts must be used in many fields and machines. When using blind bolts, there are many problems because of the lack of understanding of blind bolts or the actual operation is not standard. Today, blind bolt manufacturers are just beginning to discuss one of the most common problems is the possibility of burr after riveting.

First of all, we must understand that after the bolt riveting, the handle at the end may be broken, and the fracture point is generally flat. After the fingernail is cracked, the stainless steel sea horse core pulling rivet has nothing to do with it. Excessive exposure will damage the appearance of the surface layer of the finger shell. Therefore, if there is burr after the bolt handle is broken, or if the handle is exposed and the nail shell is exposed, it shows that there are problems in the actual operation. So why do you go out?

One is that the length of the blind bolt is too long. Generally, the diameter of the bolt matches the opening, and the length matches the thickness of the bolt. If the riveting thickness is too thin and the length of the bolt is too long, the burr will appear after riveting, and the bolt will be exposed. You have to change the length to the same.

The second point may be that the output power of the riveter is very small, and the blind bolt is very large, so the compressive strength is insufficient. When pulling the core rivet, the bolt can not be pulled once, but must be pulled twice to cause burr at the fracture.

In a word, the length of blind bolt is too long or the output power of applied bolt is very small, which is likely to cause burr after riveting. Therefore, more care must be taken when using cored bolts.

The slide rail of bolt equipment shall be lubricated once a month to avoid lubrication and corrosion. Disassembly and assembly is necessary, especially when removing the bolt head. You don't have to use strange forces. Turn the bolt head and pull out slowly. If the riveting seat of the bolt is pulled out of all normal parts, the position of the bolt will be significantly offset after the bolt is installed. At this time, the bright red safety cover should be removed, and the riveting seat can be used after installation, otherwise the equipment is very easy to be damaged. The bolt head shall be cleaned on time to avoid thickening of metal material. The bolt head is fixed on the hydraulic chuck of CNC lathe during the whole cleaning process, and then polished with sandpaper. Machinery and equipment should be maintained every two weeks. Key maintenance new items below. If problems are found, they should be handled properly.

Bolt riveting process has the characteristics of quiet, no impact, smooth deformation of raw materials, beautiful appearance and so on. The key processing technology of Haima stainless steel rivet is to select the motor, spline shaft and other drive spindle bearings, and then select the upper end of the rotating bolt head. The bolt head has two or three rollers. The roller can be turned around the center line, and the external appearance and relevant limit regulations are planned in a very overall way. Ball screw, slide track, servo motor controller, spindle bearing box, vertical fitness movement, inspection module is used to test the swing driving force of ball shaft pin, and the control measures are used for manipulation. Working speed, speed regulation rate, followed by pendulum drive / torque and general operation of riveting cycle system.




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