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A variety of different applications rivets, blind rivet application have?

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A variety of different applications rivets, blind rivet application have?

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Hollow rivets Semi-tubular rivets will be the basis of the Shenyang Air has been processed to the head, because of its light weight, the nail head is weak, with load for much of the non-metallic materials riveting occasions.


   Many different types of rivets, hollow rivets, empty heart rivets, tubular rivets, round head rivets, cone head rivets, countersunk head rivets, flat head rivets, large flat head rivets. Mainly for non-metallic materials riveting occasions.


   Rivets commonly used for clothing, footwear and other industries, solid riveting again need for heavy parts coupling, often can not be demolished structure, empty heart rivets the most widely used, the beam port (rear smaller diameter) with a hard wire nail manufacturing, can penetrate without a pilot hole within the thickness of the steel sheet 0.5mm rivets can not bending, widely used in the password box, luggage suitcase and military top, hollow nails (stainless steel rivets), use a soft line manufacturing, general requirements riveting after opening not cracking, there are many types, some toys above the current axis has begun large-scale use of semi-hollow nail or nail alternative picture, can significantly reduce production costs. Click core and blind rivets are used for relatively thin flexible material riveting, general requirements are not strict, manufacture plastic timber usually preferred material production

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